We recommend TronLink as an e-wallet because it is a decentralized wallet that has data secured with a private key with local storage and multi-layer algorithmic encryption, so it is very safe to use. At the same time, it can be quickly understood and set up, which is why it is also beneficial for new users. Transfer speed and price are also very important factors that make this wallet a reliable partner.

There are several ways to download TronLink

On the official website, you will find that there are 3 ways to download a e-wallet.

They are based on the type of device (and its system):

1. Android
2. iOS (for Apple, iPhone)
3. Desktop – via an extension of either Chrome or Firefox.

1. Android

If you have a mobile phone with the Android operating system, use this download link:

2. iOS

If you have an (Apple) device with the iOS operating system, use this download link:

3. Desktop - extension

If you don't want to download the e-wallet, you can "download" it using the extension of your search engine via a laptop or computer.

You need to go to the website: https://www.tronlink.org/#/ and click on Browser Extension

Next, you choose the extension according to the type of browser.

In this case we chose Chrome and it took us here to click add to Chrome. Then it needs to be confirmed and the given extension will be downloaded.

At the top of the browsing area, click on the extension icon you see shown at the top of the attached image. Then click on TronLink.

After clicking on the TronLink icon, the following window will appear:

There, select the Create Wallet button, which is used to create a e-wallet.

Setting up a e-wallet

The procedure is the same for all 3 types of devices mentioned above.

You must agree to the terms of use.

You write your wallet name, it can be name, nickname or other.

Create a password that must be longer than 8 characters, contain uppercase and lowercase letters, and contain a number.

e-wallet is created. Now it's important to set a Back up - a memorable phrase with which you will be able to log into your wallet in the event that, for example, you forget your password, change your mobile device or get a new one. You need to write it down and put it somewhere, because if you forget it, you can lose your hidden gems (money) and you won't be able to get to them. Click on Back up Wallet and another window will pop up.

Fill in your password and confirm - CONFIRM.

Click Back up.

Click on View Mnemonic Phrase.

Either write these words down somewhere (we've crossed out some words to be safe) and keep them safe for future reference, or there's another way. Using the QR code:

Click on the QR CODE option.

And you will see a QR code. Also, for safety reasons, we have crossed it out. WARNING! The QR code only serves as a form to display the previous words. To view them, you'll need an app that allows you to scan QR codes.

When you take a picture of the QR code and save it somewhere safe, you can click Close.

Whether you have done it in the first or second way, if you really have it saved, press Already Backed up:

Verification follows

Choose the word that was in the given order. This is repeated 3 times - different orders within the words. If the verification is successful, it will display Verification succesful.

Accepting digital asset

In order to be able to accept the given cryptocurrency in your crypto wallet, you need to send a code to the sender, to which he will send you the given amount of cryptocurrency in a certain value.

We will show it on the example of the STABLECOIN – STCO.

Click on Asset Management.

You will search for the given digital asset in the upper window. In this case STCO.

The given digital curreny can be seen in the results, click on + and it will then be displayed on the main page.

Click on STCO.

And since you want to receive (receive) STCO from someone, you choose RECEIVE and send the sender a code that they will print out for you - either in the form of a QR code or a long code in a line that contains letters and numbers.

Be careful here that you copy and paste the line correctly when sending the code - we recommend knowing the first and last 4 characters to check!

Let us know if this tutorial was useful for you at info@stablecoin-stco.com

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