1. Client puts the selected program in the basket (he/she does not have to be registered). Before payment, the client is required to be registered and also validated. Without validation, the client will not receive an invoice for payment to the e-mail address. Therefore, we recommend first registering, then validating and only then purchasing.
  2. The condition of this program is that the client must deposit the purchased STCO in our e-wallet for at least 12 months. He can increase the package whenever he wants by buying another package and getting more income. For example: The client has purchased a 50,000 package (XL package) and decides to increase his package, so he buys the same package and basically the package already earns him % per month (depends on actual offer, or the standard % of the PROGRAM) like the XXL package. In this way, the client can gradually create a financial reserve.
  3. As part of the purchase process, the client agrees to the User Agreement, which is a mandatory field in the cart. All communication with the client is electronic, so it does not limit the client in any way when purchasing.
  4. After payment of the invoice, the client automatically deposits his STCO in the e-wallet of Stabalecoin-stco.com
  5. REWARD is always received by the client by the 15th of the month to the e-wallet. The amount of the reward depends on the client's purchased program.
  6. The yield is sent in STCO (StableCoin).
  7. If the client wants to convert the yield into euros, he sends us a request to redeem STCO. 
  8. However, the client can only convert the income into euros.

If you have any other questions please contact us by email info@stablecoin-stco.com